Support the Border Defenders

We are constantly taking trips to the US Mexico Border. Anyone wishing to make a contribution, my zelle account is below. 

List of Needed Supplies:

Anyone who has items they wish to donate and can drop off locally or I can come to you. We have Several men coming from out of state to assist as well. All of us do this work unpaid and usually on our dime. Due to so many saying I need to advertise what we are doing so others can help well here it is. 

We will continue our fight and exposing those who are corrupt. Our work has helped take down several sex trafficking organizations and so much more. Our southern Borders are the gateway to human trafficking, Fentanyl and other lethal drugs that are poring through our southern Borders. We have over 150 countries coming in through our southern Borders who many are child sex traffickers and terrorists that have only one thing in mind - death to America. Anyone wishing to help we thank you in advance. My Contact Information is below.


Johnathon Alexander

Journlist/Private Investigator with Stewart and associates.


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We firmly believe in the importance of securing our border. We greatly appreciate any contributions that can be made to support and further advance our efforts. Your generous donation would make a significant impact and help us continue our work with even greater reach and effectiveness. 

Phil Hart

Senator, State of Idaho

Senator Phil Hart of Idaho was 1 of 5 men who toured the Sasabe, Arizona border with Johnathon Alexander of APA News (American Press Association). I would like to acknowledge him along with John Padula of The Alter Church in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. 

Both of these men went out of their way to come to Arizona to see what is really happening on the border. 

Senator Hart was the only Senator to show up even though the invitation was also given to an Arizona Senator and others, they did not come to see the disaster our borders are facing. Both Phil and John are true Patriots and will fight hard to bring the truth to the American people. Thank you both for showing up.

Mohave County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner

Live Interview with Kaysha Richardson and Lauren Cupp in their words how Kaysha was trafficked and Lauren's children were molested and taken from her. Do not miss this important Interview from these two brave women. 

Johnathon Alexander