Live Border News

Johnathon Alexander

American Press Association Journalist

Our borders are not what the Biden administration and the fake news media would have you believe. Our Southern Border is WIDE OPEN!!! President Biden’s Administration is preventing Border Patrol Agents and Sector Chiefs from speaking out to the media due to an unofficial gag order passed down verbally. Meanwhile, our southern border is being invaded daily by the drug cartels and illegals coming into our country. Currently, we have illegal aliens from over 150 countries pouring in through our southern border. Sections of the border wall are wide open so these illegals can just walk right on in. Joe Biden and the fake news media would have you believe nothing is happening on the border and that our borders are safe. This is miles from the truth!

We regularly conduct live coverage in Sasabe, Arizona, one of the most trafficked corridors for undocumented migration into the united States. Illegal border crossings and large amounts of fentanyl and methamphetamine are being trafficked by the Mexican drug cartels across our border daily. There are large holes in Donald Trump’s wall allowing the cartels and illegals to pour in on a daily basis. Elected Representatives and News Organizations meet with us regularly where we give them a tour and updates on the real problems that we are facing. 

The porous border the Biden Administration has created is also allowing for child sex trafficking. We have witnessed several young children come through the border unattended. Sadly, most of these children have been repeatedly raped by sickos and cartel members before ever crossing our border. These children are given a contact phone number, address, and instructions by traffickers stating they are “En Route” to a family member living in the U.S. The border patrol processing center gathers their information on where they are headed and transports them by bus or airplane to wherever the note says they are going. After further investigation, we have learned that a lot of the homes these children are going to are, in fact, owned not by the relatives but the cartels. These drop houses are usually rented properties where coyotes, or human smugglers, stash immigrants while awaiting payments.


We can all thank the Biden administration for allowing open borders and a “catch and release” policy.


Stay tuned for further updates coming soon.

Johnathon Alexander

Journlist/Private Investigator with Stewart and associates.